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Rich Chigga Talks XXXTENTACION, “Gospel,” & Rolling Loud


Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga has mad love for American culture.

Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga sat down with Pigeons and Planes for an interview. The young artist recently made his first foray onto American soil (“I wanted to come here since I was thirteen years old”), where he experienced what looked like an intensely lit Rolling Loud festival, and even copped a Mariachi band for friend Post Malone.

Chigga spoke about “Gospel,” his collaboration with XXXTENTACION & Keith Ape, explaining how it came about. “I was FaceTiming RonnyJ, which is like, a friend of mine, and he was with XXX and you know, X was like “yo what’s up dude, I know you…I said X should get on this, and he got on it.”

Check out the full video for more from Rich Chigga.

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