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Palm Tree Paradise – Tropical Reign (EP)


Palm Tree Paradise – Tropical Reign (EP) :Palm Tree Paradise is ready to let the world understand the meaning of their paradise but more importantly the Tropical Reign EP.

It’s 17 tracks deep, and the title Tropical Reign is inspired by Durban’s indecisive weather climate in 2016. The word ‘Tropical’ in the title represents and brings through the imagery of a Palm Tree Paradise, and the play on the words ‘Reign and Rain’ symbolizes the fact that now is Palm Tree Paradise’s season, their Reign.


1: PalmTree
2: Izinyembezi
3: On My Way (ft Reason)
4: Duzeh 2.0
5: Aba-Right
6: Star (ft Nhlege)
7: Thwasa
8: Febuary
9: Vusa
10: N.W.O
11: Take A Picture
12: Makhelwane (ft Tribal)
13: Subway (ft Dontay)
14: iSobo
15: Way It Is (ft WTF)
16: Paradise

Download Tropical Reign (ZIP)

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